How to download music from Youtube

How to download music from Youtube

1. Go on the Freedsound homepage

Go on the homepage and type in the search box the name of the song or the artist you're looking for. Instantly some automatic suggestions will pop up to aid in your research. Press enter or the search button to see the results!

2. Browse through results

Use the icons on the right side to interact with the track

Through them, you will be able to:

  1. Share the song on Facebook
  2. Download the track on your computer
  3. Listen to a full preview of the song
  4. Watch the Youtube video

3. Download from Youtube

After you press the download icon, a popup will be automatically opened with instructions to follow for download: click on 'Download' to save the song in mp3 format on your computer, converted from youtube.

In most cases the audio file will be saved in your Downloads folder of your operating system.